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Fund Latin American Corporate Debt

General Information

The objective of the Fund AM SURA – Latin America Corporate Debt USD (denominated in USD) is to achieve income and capital appreciation on a medium and long-term basis through a diversified strategy based on investments related to the Latin American Region’s fixed income securities. 

The Sub-Fund will invest between 0% to 100% of its net assets in corporate debt and between 0-25% in sovereign debt, cash or cash equivalent. 

The Sub-Fund will invest at least 60% of the Sub-Fund’s net assets in fixed income corporate bonds or sovereign bonds issued by companies domiciled or by governmental and/or local authorities located in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil and maximum of 40% in other Latin American countries.


The Fund is actively managed in reference to the JP Morgan Corporate Broad Diversified EMBI Broad Latin America Index. The reason is to indicate that it is used for performance comparison purposes.